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Jul 8, 2011 6:00am EDT
oldest tabloids in london shutting down after a major scandal there. >> exactly. this is rupert murdoch paper and you've been hearing about this where they hacked into the phones and messages of people who were iraq war victims, a murder victim, a young murder victim and the despicable thing about that with the young murder victim, they went in and deleted messages from her cell phone, giving her family the false hope that she was still alive, that she was actually doing the deletions. >> the paper called news of the world has been around for a century. it is one of the most-read papers. amazing they'll shut the doors after the scandal because they're known for promoting scandals. >> there was an arrest made in this case. a person who was the spokesman for the current prime minister was arrested and the prime minister could be in trouble because he may have known something and turned a blind eye. >> weather time now, this afternoon, could be a big challenge for your commute, anny. >> here is a look at your seven- day forecast. today, the critical time for the biggest storms from
Jul 14, 2011 6:00am EDT
a tough night of discussions. >> plus, rupert murdoch may have to appear before parliament to answer he can't questions about the hacking scandal. they've arrested another person in their investigation. >> one win away from the world cup. u.s.a. wins in dramatic fashion. they'll face japan in the world cup finals. we'll have highlights from their waibd talk with two of soccer's hottest stars coming up here on "the early show." mike, andrea, back to you. >>> one more traffic and weather check when 9news now returns. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> naming an official drink for the district of klum is what jack evans wants to do. he's from ward two. he said the ricky needs to be that drink. >> we're going to make the official proclamation. it will be the nation's capital, the birthplace of this classic cocktail called the ricky. and we have the recipe for the ricky and there it is. two ounces of bourbon, rye whiskey or begin, your choice. half of a lim
Jul 19, 2011 6:00am EDT
from taxicab companies. the city is auditing the gray campaign. >>> rupert murdoch is scheduled to speak before british parliament in a few hours. he and his son and former news of the world chief rebecca brooks will testify before a panel about that alleged phone hacking scandal. hearings come a day after scotland yard official resigned and a whistle blower that tipped off the scandal was found dead. it is alleged news of the world of hacking into voice mail of celebrities, politicians, murder victims and soldiers killed in action. >>> right now, the guardian angels are out on a section of the metropolitan branch trail. they want to keep cyclists and joggers safe after a wave of attacks. surae chinn is there to show us what's being done. >> the guardian angels have started patrols. they will be for the next few hours. you can see them riding on their bikes right now. they banded together with the police department to have uniformed and undercover officers also increasing their patrols all along the mvp trail. just imagine you're walking along here, the next thing you know, you're
Jul 20, 2011 6:00am EDT
on news corp.'s ceo rupert murdoch. it is one of the stories making news at 6:13. >>> it happened during a hearing yesterday. a 26-year-old man tried to throw a plate of shaving cream at murdoch. he was arrested. no one was hurt. >>> the government shut down in minnesota should end today. early this morning, lawmakers approved a new budget deal there. the governor says he will, indeed, sign it. the state government has been shut down for 20 days. >>> some good news out of japan. the fukushima nuclear plant is now stabilized. it has been four months since the plant suffered a partial meltdown after an earthquake and tsunami. final cleanup could still take a decade. >>> just 13 days to go before the federal government hits its debt ceiling. there may be headway being made. >> late tuesday night, the house passed a tea-party backed budget plan but at the same time, a bipartisan plan emerged from the senate. >> melissa rainey reports despite all of this, the clock is still ticking. >> the yeas are 234. the nays are 190, the bill is passed. >> reporter: the cut, cap and balance plan pa
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4